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Our communities
Abroad Community

Do you live outside of Germany and would like to network with other internationals? Here you can exchange ideas with mentees, mentors and experts from different countries and gain insights into the international job market.

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Community Leads

Alena Sanders

Alena is a junior researcher with a PhD in Development Studies from the University of Louvain. In 2019 she turned her research interests – power, resistance and women’s rights in North/South relations – into a profession and co-founded RESULT – Research Consult, where she advises organizations in international cooperation. She has been living abroad for over ten years, currently in Brussels where she runs the Brussels community for MentorMe.



Theresa King

Theresa studied politics and administration in Potsdam and Paris. She is a convinced European and has been working in Brussels for the EU for over five years – currently as a program manager for the European Regional Development Fund (ERDF) in the European Commission. Here she works on what is close to her heart: supporting cities and regions in their sustainable and innovative development. Together with Alena she runs the MentorMe Abroad community.


Baden-Wuerttemberg Community

Do you live in Baden-Württemberg and would like to network on a local level? Here you can exchange ideas with local experts and gain insights into the job market in your region.

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Community Lead

Stuttgart & surroundings

Gitta Rohling

Inspiring and empowering each other This is extremely important for women in the working world. Gitta now wants to promote these goals as a community lead in Baden-Württemberg. Gitta is a freelance PR consultant and copywriter with more than 20 years of professional experience. She is also happy to pass on her experience as a mentor at Mentorme




Johanne Heck Parsch

Johanne has been working in various positions at a tech start-up since 2019, where she pursues her enthusiasm for business development, strategy and innovation. She is convinced that mentoring offers new impulses and perspectives, mutual support and personal development. As a community lead, she wants to promote networking and exchange in Ba-Wü

Ba-Wü South / Freiburg

Simone Dirschka

Bringing people together and creating connections is Simone’s thing. She is looking forward to networking MentorMe mentees and mentors on a regional level and to spreading the wonderful MentorMe spirit locally. She is passionate about the working world of the future, change and transformation, people & culture and has worked in brand and marketing management for many years.


Berlin community

Do you live in Berlin and would like to network on a local level? Here you can exchange ideas with local experts and gain insights into the job market in your region.

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Community Lead

Carmen Hergenhan

Carmen studied Financial Service Risk Management and has been working in the banking sector in Berlin ever since. As a community lead, she wants to promote networking and exchange across different industries and personalities in Berlin.




Stephanie Binder

Stefanie completed her mathematics studies in Heidelberg and Reims and has been working in the financial sector for 6 years. As a mentee, Stefanie would above all like to develop personally, be inspired and make new contacts. As a community lead for Berlin, she can now advance this goal on a different level and is happy to be able to help others to network sustainably.

applicant community

The group serves all those who are currently looking for a job and are looking for contacts and insights into employers. In addition to ongoing job offers and informative events, you can network with other job seekers and get tips from experts for your application process.

If you would like to find out more and wish you successful prospects for a new job, then become a member of our Facebook group.

Community Lead

Regina Kessler

Regina studied media communication and completed training as a mediator and coach.

Having already worked in various industries and organizational forms in the field of communication/marketing, she has now made the lateral entry to agility. She thinks that application processes are fun and can help with self-reflection and therefore leads the applicant community together with Emina.

Bavaria Community

Do you live in Bavaria and would like to network on a local level? Here you can exchange ideas with local experts and gain insights into the job market in your region.

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Community Lead

Janika Abel

Janika studied cultural studies and intercultural communication, is a diversity trainer and works in various projects in the area of diversity and inclusion. In addition to structural changes, female empowerment and mentoring are important issues that lead to a fairer and more successful working environment. For MentorMe she leads the Bayern Community together with Laura Fuhrmann.



Laura Fuhrman

Laura studied international business and now works in sales in the B2B environment. Above all, she came to MentorMe as a mentee to develop personally, to get inspiration, to exchange ideas with other women and to empower each other. She would now also like to promote this exchange as a community lead.

consulting community

The Community Consulting at Mentor Me aims to offer an interactive exchange for those interested in the topic of consulting. We stand for a community that meets at eye level and inspires and motivates each other.

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Community Lead

carolina mirror

Carolina studied Romance languages in Munich and did her doctorate in linguistics in Bremen, gaining international work experience in Spain, France, Israel and Turkey. Her curiosity for the consulting world led her to an international strategy consultancy. She is currently working in the area of change management and organizational development in a management consultancy in Bremen. Together with Jasna she runs MentorMe Community Consulting.


Yasna Emso

Jasna is doing a double MBA at the University of Durham and EBS and works as a consultant at a management consultancy. Female empowerment, self-organization and the human factor in project and change management are her current core topics. She launched the consulting community at Mentor Me together with Carolina Spiegel.

diversity community

At the monthly events on the topic of diversity, we want to draw attention to different forms of discrimination and at the same time show ways in which we can fight it. Experts provide insights into diversity management and various living environments. In the community you can exchange ideas and network on these and other topics.

The Facebook group is still a work in progress.

Community Lead

Johanna Salewsky

Johanna completed a 120-hour diversity trainer training course at the Berlin association “ Eine Welt der Vielfalt” and heads this group. Feedback and topic suggestions are very welcome and can be sent to Johanna at salewsky@mentorme-ngo.org .


Digitization & IT community

In this group, everything revolves around topics from the field of digitization & IT. Our experts pass on their experience and expertise to interested parties at events and zoom events.

The Facebook group is still a work in progress.

Community Lead

Inga Leffers

Inga studied European Studies and Public Policy in Maastricht and Istanbul. In 2012 she got involved in association work in Berlin and is currently leading a digitization project at the umbrella organization of food banks. At MentorMe, Inga co-initiated the “Digitization & IT” community and has been coordinating the monthly meet-ups ever since.


Female Founders Community

Are you interested in self-employment and looking for advice, or have you already founded and gained experience as an entrepreneur that you would like to share? There is space here to exchange ideas about all phases of founding and entrepreneurship. Take part in events, network and get closer to your goal of independence.

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Community Lead

Norhan Abdel Aziz

Norhan AbdelAziz studied Business Administration with a focus on Marketing and then completed her Masters in Innovation Management & Entrepreneurship. She is interested in all topics related to startups, design thinking, marketing, innovation and agile management.

Hamburg Community

Do you live in Hamburg and would like to network on a local level? Here you can exchange ideas with local experts and gain insights into the job market in your region. Would you like to be part of our community? Then join our Facebook group .

Community Lead

Anna Punke-Dresen

Anna Punke-Dresen has been working in various positions in the non-profit, foundation and cultural sectors for over fifteen years, including program management for fundraising for the German-Russian Youth Exchange Foundation and board member for the Hamburg association HAMBURGER MIT HERZ. She is a co-initiator and a member of the management team of the Young People and Foundations group. In addition, she is a lecturer for cultural promotion and cultural policy at various universities.



Marleen Bruening

Marleen studied cognitive science and business administration and, after various professional positions and stays abroad, has been working in management consulting since 2019. At MentorMe, Marleen supports the coordination of the Hamburg meet-ups.

Family community

In this group we, as parents, exchange ideas on topics such as starting and returning to work with children, compatibility of studies/work and family. Here we can network, advise and learn from the experiences of others. In addition to the exchange in the group, events are regularly organized around this topic.

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Community Lead

Gesche Hullman

Gesche studied politics in Japan and now works as a junior correspondent at Jiji Press Berlin, a Japanese news agency. As the mother of a son, she knows the feeling of not doing justice to either the child or the career plan. With the MET Moms and Dads, she wants to offer a regular forum in which parents can exchange views on the topic of work-life balance and support one another.

Mentor community

The group serves as an exchange between mentors who are registered with MentorMe and accompany our mentees. In the group, our mentors can ask questions about mentoring, ask others for their opinions and advice, and share tools for the mentoring sessions. Mentors who are on pause and/or have not yet been matched are also very welcome in this group!

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Networking and exchange community

The group is used for mutual support, networking and communication among our mentees and mentors. Here we exchange ideas, job offers, events, articles and everything that might be of interest to mentees and mentors.

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New Work Community

Our New Work Community is dedicated to topics related to new ways of working in our digital and global age. Here you have the opportunity to exchange ideas about the innovative concept of the new working world and to take part in exciting events where you can gain deeper insights into the subject areas.

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Community Lead







Anna Cattelnik

As a learning enthusiast, certified Digital Learning Manager & Scrum Master, Anna Katzenelnik is constantly developing organizations, people and herself. She is an expert for personnel development, new work, agile methods & digital learning. For more than 10 years she has been working as a trainer and consultant on the topics of leadership, communication, agile and digital tools, team building, time management, presentation, rhetoric and self-directed learning. In addition to positions at international organizations and management consultancies, she accompanies people and organizations in their development with her passion.




Personal branding community
With the community focusing on personal branding, we want to give a new space to the topics of visibility, positioning and the development of one’s own personal branding. Does this topic concern you and you want to know more? Then use the community events for new input, new perspectives and experiences from experts or learn tips and tricks in interactive workshops. Would you like to talk about your first steps or talk to like-minded people about their path? Then use our regular get-togethers for networking or become part of our LinkedIn group .
Community Leads
Floris Müller-Reichenwallner
Floris did an apprenticeship as a media clerk, in recent years she has studied part-time for a bachelor’s degree in business psychology and a master’s degree in human resource management. Floris is currently working as a consultant in an IT service company. Her previous professional experience has shown her how important networks and visibility are for women*. Mutual empowerment is Flori’s heart issue.
She founded the Personal Branding Community in order to work together on her personal branding in an exchange, to grow together and to empower each other.
Charline Kappes
Charline has a master’s degree in economics and, after positions in politics and the financial sector, has been working full-time in sales for an IT security start-up since 2020. In addition to her main job, she founded a non-profit digitization consultancy for NGOs and is actively involved in politics. In addition to digitization and politics, her main topic is personal branding.
Professionals with disabilities

Do you have a disability yourself or would you like to exchange ideas with people who have a disability? In this community we offer you the space for it. Here you have the opportunity to network and talk about the topic.

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Community Lead

Karen Schallert

Karen is a humanities graduate and has worked for many years as a human resources manager in international plant construction. After working for Deutsche Post DHL Group and McKinsey & Company, she is now a coach for women with physical disabilities who want to become managers. She is also on the road as a speaker and has worked on an encouraging book on the subject of work and disability. She has had multiple sclerosis for many years and uses a wheelchair. She lives in Bonn.






dr Yanina Urusova

Janina is an architect and holds a doctorate in cultural studies. Her professional career led to the assignments for the EXPO 2000 and Hygiene Museum Dresden to the management of corporate communication at Siemens in Russia and finally to co-founding a social entrepreneurship with a focus on the inclusion of disabilities in 2008. Today she works as a consultant for fashion brands and retailers such as Nike and Zalando to add a well-designed adaptive offer and accessible services to the company’s product portfolios. Janina has been a mentor at MentorMe for three years. She lives in Berlin.
Professional community

In this group, the members exchange information on topics such as professional reorientation and everyday challenges in the job. We organize meetings and workshops with professionals who give us tips and experiences, as well as hard skills such as project management tools or creativity techniques.

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Community Lead

Patricia Wiesker

Patricia develops digital strategies and products – preferably where you can make a difference! She lived in China for five years, so she knows what is digitally feasible and would like to bring enthusiasm for innovation to Germany. She has been with MentorMe since 2017 and is convinced of the positive impact of mentoring – especially for young professionals!

Public Affairs Community

Are you interested in the topics of political work and consulting? In addition to communication within the group, experts from the fields of politics, business and society also provide deep insights into their field at events. Here you can take part in exciting events and network with others from the industry.

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Community Lead

Lisa Herzog

Lisa studied communication, economics and European studies. She has been working in political communication in Berlin for several years. She came to MentorMe to connect with other women in the (broad) public affairs field. The Public Affairs Community emerged from this interest. As a community lead, she wants to empower women to find their own way in the political bubble, enable exchange with each other and with inspiring experts, and point out various entry and job opportunities.

Rhine-Main Community

Do you live in the Rhein-Main area and would like to network on a local level? Here you can exchange ideas with local experts and gain insights into the job market in your region.

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Community Lead

Eveline Volz

Eveline completed the international master’s degree “Political Science with a focus on North-South relations and spent some time abroad, including in Chile and Canada. She works in political education and is the MentorMe Community Lead for the Rhine-Main area.

Senior Professionals Community

In this group, the members primarily exchange ideas on all senior professional topics. We organize meetings and workshops with experts and look forward to a lively exchange.

Are you interested in the topics and want to network? Then join our LinkedIn and learn more.

Community Lead

Afrodita Kermichieva Panovska

Afrodita has been working in people management for over twenty years. Her heart beats for agile working and she is a Design Thinker, Scrum Master and Prince2 Agile Practitioner. She did her MBA in London, Great Britain and lives with her family in Bonn. At MentorMe, Afrodita is the lead for the “Senior Professionals” community.

Women of Color Community

Our Women of Color Community serves the networking and exchange of BIPoC (Black, Indigenous, People of Color). We organize meetings, events and webinars on topics that move us here in the group. We want to create a space for all possible forms of intersectionality and also encourage all members to bring up their own topics.

Become a part of our community in our Facebook group ! The previous Women of Color group has been renamed to the Diversity group, so any PoC who want to should apply again for the new WoC group.

Community Lead

Francine Uwera

Francine studied translation and European law at Saarland University. She then did her doctorate with a focus on language policy, internationalization and university didactics at the University of Luxembourg. Today she works as a consultant for university development. At MentorMe, Francine is the lead for the “Women of Color” community with Johanna.



Johanna Kuchling

Johanna studied Sociology and English/American Studies in Potsdam and, after positions in the organization of youth exchange programs and organization of a university mentoring program, now works in advising those who have doubts about their studies and those who drop out at the TU Braunschweig. She lives there with her husband and daughter. Since your studies, you have been primarily concerned with the topics of gender and diversity. Johanna has been a MentorMe mentee since last year and is organizing the Women of Color community together with Francine this year.