Questions from Mentors

Frequently asked questions from mentors

What is mentoring and what is the difference to coaching?

Mentoring is advice and exchange on professional issues from an experienced person (mentor) to an inexperienced person (mentee). The mentor passes on his/her professional experience, specialist knowledge and contacts to the mentee and is available as a sparring partner for her personal questions.

It is key, that the mentor has more professional experience and knowledge in a profession and an industry than the mentee! IT IS NOT IMPORTANT that the mentor is older or has studied the same thing.

In contrast, a coach does not advise. Rather, a coach helps the customer (coachee) through methods and targeted questions to take on new perspectives and to find new solutions. In addition, many coaches do have specific trainings.

When will a mentee be suggested to me?

From September we will match at regular intervals. The program year officially starts on November 28th. Please note that we have about 3 times more mentors in the network than mentees and we cannot guarantee a match. Thank you for your understanding. As a mentor (whether with or without a mentee) you are a valuable member of our community!

How does mentoring work at MentorMe—from matching to mentoring?

After you have filled out and submitted the mentor form, you will join our pool. We will then work on the matching. After we have found the most suitable mentee for you and she has agreed to you as a mentor, we will send you her mentee form and her CV. If you also agree with her as a mentor, you will be matched. Both of you will then receive an email with further information.

IMPORTANT NOTE: We match primarily based on the match of the industry in which you work as a mentor and in which the mentee wants to work or position herself. You don’t have to be older or have completed the same degree as your mentee!

2. MENTORING KICK OFF (November): You get to know your mentee personally at the kick off at the beginning of the program year or via online onboarding in the following months (if you start the program later). We will introduce you to the mentoring and together you will clarify the expectations, goals and conditions of your mentoring. Finally, you sign a joint mentoring agreement.

3. MENTORING SESSIONS (December to October of the following year): After the kick-off, you will be available to advise your mentee once a month for approx. 1 hour in personal or online meetings. You give her insights into your industry and work practices, support her with her professional orientation, applications or provide her with contacts or networking insights. Be careful not to impose your own agenda on the, you don’t want to push the mentee in one direction or your own professional path. Give her space. You serve as a mere adviser. We would also encourage you to give each other feedback to evaluate the previous approaches and goals for the rest of the time together.

4. END OF MENTORING (end of October): You evaluate your mentoring year together (What went well? What could have been better?). In the best case, you will be matched with a new mentee in Novemberwhen the new program year begins. From now on you are welcome to remain in loose contact and maybe your former mentee will now become a mentor herself!

Who are the mentors at MentorMe?

Our mentors have at least 5 years of professional experience in an industry or professional activity (however, traineeships and working student activities do not count). They come from sectors such as (social) entrepreneurship, strategy, communication, environmental and economic consulting, ministries, politics and political consulting, NGOs and think tanks, foundations and associations, development cooperation, TV and print journalism, film, blogging, public Relations, public affairs, human resources and personnel development, art, culture and digital economy, event management, sales, university and adult education, coaching and training, health, change and diversity management and many more.

Our mentors work in companies and organizations such as: Adelphi, Adidas, AOK, Foreign Office, Bitkom, Federal Press Office, Bundestag, Federal Ministry of Defense, Federal Employment Agency, Deloitte, Deutsche Welle, Die Welt, DKB, EditionF, Enorm Magazin, European Commission, EY, refugee shelter Berlin, Friedrich Naumann Foundation, start-up scene, Hexal, German Historical Museum, Konrad Adenauer Foundation, KPMG, PWC, Siemens, Sparkasse, Tagesspiegel, Talents4Good, Unicef, Vice Magazine, Zalando etc.

Who are the mentees at MentorMe?

Our mentees are committed and motivated students, graduates and professionals of all age groups. They are very diverse! We also have mothers, women of color, women with migration experience as well as mentees from different countries. In order to meet the challenges these women have to face in their professional lives, we offer them additional services such as the peer-to-peer group “Family”.

Can I choose my mentee?

Yes. You can already indicate in the mentor form whether your mentee should have a certain background, such as migration experience, a woman of color, with international roots or a socially disadvantaged environment. In the course of the matching process, we will send you the form and the CV of a mentee. At the same time, we send the mentee your form. We will only match you as a mentoring team if you both give each other a “go” as a mentor and mentee. This means: if you do not want mentoring with the mentee we have suggested, we will try to match you with someone else.

How does my mentee contribute to the success of the mentoring?

The mentee’s contribution to the success of the mentoring is that sees herself as the proactive part! As a mentor, you make an incredibly valuable contribution with your commitment – and should therefore not have to “chase after” the mentee. Rather, the mentee should ask you for mentoring sessions. It is best to arrange a new appointment for the coming month at the end of each mentoring session. Please make it clear to your mentee whether you prefer “open” or “structured” mentoring. With the former, she can ask you whatever questions are on her mind without any preparation. With structured mentoring, she should think about topics that she wants to discuss and/or questions that she then asks you in advance. Last but not least: the mentee should adapt to your time and location.

Do I get materials for the mentoring sessions?

We are happy to provide our mentors with tools that they can use to prepare and support the mentoring sessions with their mentees, such as protocol templates for mentees to document the mentoring sessions, reflection exercises, SWOT and strengths analysis tools, etc.

What do I get as a mentor from MentorMe?

We offer our mentors a lot for their voluntary commitment, because one thing is clear: MentorMe would not be possible without them! This means:

  • Access to our MentorMe network
  • Personal networking with other mentors
  • Access to all MentorMe events
  • Training for mentors
  • Get-togethers for mentors
  • Participation in sweepstakes

The complete program and the calendar of the current program year can be found in detail under “Program” and is constantly updated.

I do not live in Berlin. Can I still become a mentor?

Yes! We have many mentees and mentors from all over Germany and beyond. Since we primarily match our mentoring teams in terms of content and not regionally (unless someone explicitly wants the mentee or mentor to come from the same region), many mentoring sessions take place online. In addition, many of our training and networking offers for our mentees and mentors are also broadcast online. However, we recommend coming to Berlin for the kick-off of the program year so that the mentee and mentor can get to know each other personally.

The MentorMe program has already started. Can I jump in?

Yes! We keep getting inquiries from interested people who want to become mentors and have missed the admission phase before the start of the program, the kick-off at the start of the program and the first months of the program. These are then noted in our waiting list. If we have mentees on the waiting list who have not yet been matched and are a good match for you as a mentor, we will be happy to start the matching process with you.

I am often traveling during the program. Does my participation make sense?

Yes! If you and your mentee are willing to hold part of the mentoring online, that’s no problem at all. We also stream many of our trainings and networking opportunities for mentees and mentors via Skype, so you too can participate while you’re traveling.

What happens if I am "unhappy" with my mentee?

Although it rarely happens, it can happen that the mentoringbe it for personal or professional reasonsdoes not materialize. Then we first try to find a solution for the mentee and mentor with the help of our MentorMe mediator. In most cases, this mediation helps and the mentoring can continue without any ambiguity. However, if that doesn’t help either, we’ll end the mentoring at this point and be happy to match you again.

What mentor fee do I pay?

None! Our mentors pay nothing for the MentorMe membership and our services: mentoring, training and networking, because without your great commitment MentorMe would not be possible!

If mentors want to become mentees themselvesbecause they want to reposition themselves in their professionthey pay the mentee fee for graduates and young professionals after one year of active mentoring.

The only MentorMe service that is not part of the program and stands on its own are our trainings. These cost a small participation fee. If the mentor has become a mentor through being part of a business cooperation, the trainings are also free!

Will MentorMe pay for my travel expenses to training and networking events?

No. Unfortunately, we cannot cover any travel costs for our events and networking as well as for the mentoring sessions.

What mentee contribution does my mentee pay?

As a social enterprise, we want to place as little financial burden on our mentees as possible. The contributions of our mentees therefore only cover our basic costs. Other costs are covered by partnerships and grants.

We have three mentee fees to be paid after successful matching:

  • Mentee fee 1: € 834 incl. VAT – Applies to mentees who earn more than €1900/month (gross).
  • Mentee fee 2: €534 incl. VAT – Applies to mentees earning less than €1900/month (gross) and to mentees who are also mentor.
Do I get a certificate of participation from MentorMe?

Yes! At the end of the program or individually by arrangement, you will receive a participation certificate from us about your mentorship.