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Financial, non-material & relevant donors

MentorMe has financial, non-material and in-kind donors. This is important because as a social enterprise we want to place as little financial burden on our mentees as possible. This is how we sustainably maintain the social character and the positive chain of effects.

Ideal supporters help us with advice. MentorMe is a funded social enterprise by Start Social, Stifter helfen, Tagesspiegel, Quartiermeister and ProjectTogether. We are a member of the German Society for Mentoring and the Network Foundations and Education.

Financial and in-kind donors help us with money and donations in kind. As a non-profit company (recognized by HRB 172739 B, Berlin Charlottenburg district court), our purpose is to promote the vocational training of young women from all social classes. people and company, who care about the advancement of young women, we invite you to support MentorMe with a donation. The donation is tax deductible and we issue a receipt of the donation. We thank you for every support! Information about our charitable status can be found in our statutes.

Transfer your donation to our account (Berliner Sparkasse, MentorMe gGmbH, KONTO 0190461748 / BLZ 100 500 00, IBAN: DE29 1005 0000 0190 4617 48, BIC: BELADEBEXXX) or use Paypal. Thank you!

“I’ve been looking after my mentee for six months. She is inquisitive and thanks to the exact matching of MentorMe, our values, goals and knowledge that I can provide her with complement each other very well. We are both very grateful for the time together because they allowed us to grow not only as people, but also professionally and visionary. She knows that I will help her and take my time when she needs orientation or structure. I experience our discussions as very open and trusting, which is why I like your program to everyone recommend.” Janett Menzel, mentor, SEO copywriter, specialist journalist, author

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