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Women empowerment is not only en vogue and serves the women’s quota. Rather, the promotion of women is important for employers in order to live equality and diversity and to recruit well-trained female job seekers. With MentorMe, employers follow the path of an innovative recruiting and personnel development strategy. They live CSR & Diversity. You achieve attractive employer branding and recruit and retain the best employees in the war of talent. With MentorMe, they support young women in finding a career, assume social responsibility and give their employees the chance to network as mentors and discover young talent for their company – and all of this is tax-deductible!


your profit

  • Recruiting : MentorMe creates access to young talents
    • Access to job-seeking & job-interested talents
    • Cheaper than regular recruiting channels
    • More exchange than at trade fairs and via university marketing
    • Better acceptance rate than the Deutschlandstipendium
    • Low drop-out rate of mentees who are hired
  • Personnel development : Employees benefit as mentors and mentees
    • development of professional skills
    • Increased employee satisfaction through social commitment
    • Learning between seniors and juniors via reverse mentoring
    • Appreciation for and loyalty to the company
    • Participate in networking events to get out of your own industry bubble
    • Business potential through networking with other mentors
    • Participation in the reward system for mentors and competitions for mentees
  • CSR & Diversity : advancement of women, diversity and social responsibility
    • Cooperation brings authenticity, trust and encouragement from diverse women
    • Diversity strategy is supported by access to women of cultural, social diversity
  • Organization : Hardly any effort AND tax deductible as sponsoring
    • Orientation towards the quality standards of the German Society for Mentoring
    • Support with questions about mentoring by mentoring mediator
    • Qualitative and quantitative evaluation of the cooperation
    • Financing runs as sponsoring and is tax deductible
  • Employer branding : Image as an innovative company with equal opportunities
    • Partnership with well-known social enterprise
    • Employer committed to the advancement of women and diversity
    • In-house and stand-alone events to present yourself as a company
    • Promotion of the cooperation via MentorMe social media pages and newsletters

Achievements LEADER partnership with Ernst & Young

  • 55 EY employees have been mentors at MentorMe since 2017
  • 75% of EY mentees were interested in working at EY after mentoring and events
  • 7 mentees have been hired to date (full-time, part-time, and internship)
  • Over 950 mentees, mentor*s and other interested people attended MentorMe networking events at EY
  • Over 5500 MentorMe community members know that EY is committed to women’s empowerment

EY mentors support mentees, push self-confidence and provide inspiration. The partnership with MentorMe is a win-win situation. Not only do the mentees benefit, but our employees are also enriched by the mentee-mentor relationship, developing their own skills and gaining valuable experience.

Simone Jost

Corporate Social Responsibility | Volunteer Program Manager, EY Germany

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