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With MentorMe, women find their perfect mentor and achieve their professional and personal goals through individual mentoring sessions, networking, and events.
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MentorMe is the largest and fastest growing mentoring program for women in German-speaking countries. We support senior professionals, young professionals and doctoral students in professional orientation, further development and repositioning. Together with ING Netherlands we bring our program to the Netherlands: free of charge for 50 women from underprivileged backgrounds.

All mentee memberships are fully funded by

Who can join our mentoring community?


Mentees are women who want to develop themselves. Whether they are in the middle of their professional life or at the very beginning, senior or young professionalsthey all have one thing in common: They are doers who pursue their professional way individually, cleverly, and with joy. We support them by connecting them with a professionally experienced mentor, and we offer them specialized trainings as well as events & networking for their professional fulfillment.


Mentors work on a voluntary basis and with a lot of passion. They share their knowledge, professional experience and contacts with their mentees. They listen to the menteestheir concerns and their wishesand respond to them in an advisory capacity. They all have at least 5 years of professional experience in an industry and activity. Mentors are an important part of our network and exchange ideas in our community and, like mentees, can use our event offers free of charge.

To become a MENTEE, you have to meet these requirements:


self-identify as a women

 In order to become part of our program, you have to self-identify as a women. You should also be at least 18 years old.


primary residence in the Netherlands

Your primary residence should be in the Netherlands. Women living in other European countries can not apply.


underprivileged background

We want to support women who experience difficulties in their careers for whatever reason. Learn more in our application form.

What are your benefits?


Mentoring Support: Exclusive access to a large pool of MentorMe mentors. An expert team, using an exclusive own matching software will find the right mentor for you (you are free to accept or decline suggested matches). Mentoring supervision provides answers to questions and helps overcome potential obstacles with the mentor/mentee if needed.

1:1 Mentoring: Individual monthly mentoring sessions (at least 1h) with your personal mentor.

Professional advantage: Use your mentor’s expertise on the job and gain potential industry contacts.


Kickoff Event: Inspirational speeches, presentation of all the activities of the program, workshop on inter-cultural communications across different countries, introduction of roles and responsibilities of mentees and mentors. With MentorMe and ING Netherlands.

The Role of the Mentee: Input for all future mentees on how to get the most out of the mentoring sessions and pursue your professional goals.

Monthly seminars: Topics are personal branding, leadership skills, project management, money mindset, new work, among many others.


Online Community: Access a large network of supporting industry experts, companies, and coaches who can answer your professional questions and provide job opportunities.

Special interest groups: Join our many special interest groups, such as women of color, company founders & freelancers, moms & dads, expats, and gain a deep dive in special topics and new expertise such as sustainability, reorientation, personal branding, consulting, and many more.

How do I become a mentee?

1. Application

Fill out the application form with your basic information and wait, if you are accepted.

2. Matching

Once accepted, fill out the matching form and choose the mentor who fits you best.

3. Mentoring

Time to meet your mentor! Start the program, once the mentor and you accepted the match.

Mentoring FAQ

What is a mentor?

A mentor is a person with a solid professional background, a subject matter expert who has plenty of work experience. Mentors help you achieve your professional goals by providing valuable insights into your work situation and sharing their experience with you.

They also help expand their mentee’s professional network and sharpen their focus. Our mentors have at least 5 years of work experience in an industry or profession (this does not include trainee or internship positions). When matching mentors to mentees, we ensure that the mentor has more professional experience and knowledge of a profession or industry than the mentee does, but do not consider their respective ages or degrees.

What does mentoring mean?
Mentoring is an opportunity to grow professionally. An experienced person (the mentor) provides advice and counsel regarding professional life to a person with less experience (the mentee).

Mentors pass on their professional experience, knowledge and contacts to the mentee. Their mission is to support the mentee as a sparring partners for job-focused questions, concerns and goals. They are available to talk through any questions they might have.

How long does the program take?

The program starts as soon as mentee and mentor are matched and ends on 31st October 2024.

How much time do I have to invest?

We ask our mentors to meet with theirs mentees at least 1 hour per month. If you both agree on it, you can also meet more frequently.

As a mentee you should prepare your mentoring sessions in order to get the most out if it.

What is the difference between mentoring and coaching?
Coaching and mentoring are both valid professional development methods. As a general rule, mentoring is set up to be a long-term opportunity and based on the relationship between the mentor and the mentee, while coaching is more of a short-term experience. A mentor provides advice based on their own experience, whereas a coach uses a variety of methods learned during their professional training.
Why should I join this mentoring program?

Mentees sign up for mentoring in order to get ahead professionally, hence, to overcome their obstacles, such as lack of know-how or contacts, and to reach their next career steps and professional goals. Mentors want to share their professional knowledge with the next generation.

If both mentor and mentee take their responsibilities seriously, mentoring can be the key to a mentee’s professional success and a great way for the mentor to make an impact.

Contact our team!

If you have further questions, do not hesitate to reach out to Karin Heinzl, founder and CEO of MentorMe Germany, and the MentorMe team. We’re happy to help you throughout the process of registration, matching and mentoring as well as with any other inquiry.