Crossroads of choices: Should I stay or should I go?

25Jan12:0013:00Crossroads of choices: Should I stay or should I go?Community Event: Abroad


Crossroads of choices: Should I stay or should I go? Join us for an introspective journey at our networking event – the first step towards the unknown. Reflect on the possibilities, and challenges, and find the answers together. If the idea of navigating life’s crossroads resonates with you, this event is your compass. You will connect with people who have had the same question or have gone through similar experiences, multiple times. What are your motivators? What are the possible barriers? And is it all worth it? What advice would you give a loved one? Whatever the reasons, or the place take time to recognize the courage it takes to change, and the wisdom to distinguish when it is the right time, but this time together with your supporting Abroad community.

An diesem Event können teilnehmen:

*Aktive Mentees und registrierte Mentorinnen (einschließlich Mentorinnen, die noch nicht gematcht sind).
*Wiederkehrende Mentees (gegen Eventgebühr).
*Externe Teilnehmer, die keine Mitglieder der MentorMe-Community sind (gegen Eventgebühr).


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(Donnerstag) 12:00 - 13:00


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