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You’ll spend about 80,000 hours working in your career. So how to spend that timeis one of the most important decisions you’ll ever make. Experience in our MentorMe Special how you can define your career jackpot to make the best out ofyour time. Learn the art of tailoring your work to fit you and thelifestyle you desire. To act on your desires, you first have to definewhat they are. This is what successful careers are built on. Join our MentorMe Special on March 21st with Julia Sammann,a Business Mentor and Work-Life Designer to define the future youdesire. Bring your pen and paper and expect to spot new possibilities thatyou have not noticed before.

This event is open to:

*Active mentees and registered mentors (including mentors who are not yet matched).
*External participants who are not members of the MentorMe community for an event fee of 15 euros.
Please note that the registration process for the events has changed. Are you a mentee or mentor and have not yet received voucher codes to set the event fee to 0? Please contact!


(Mittwoch) 12:00 - 13:00


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