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Are you ready to free yourself from nagging self-doubt that is holding you back? Mareike Schmalz, engineer and team manager, knows the strugglesfirst-hand. One day she got so fed up that she decided to finally really workon the problem – and was surprised when she actually ended up with realself-confidence. In this insightful talk, she shares her transformative journeyand offers valuable techniques from relevant literature and her ownexperiences. Participants will learn practical strategies to build lastingself-confidence in both their personal and professional lives. Self-confidenceis not a magical gift one is born with, but a skill you can build for good!

At this event, the following people can participate:

*Active mentees and registered mentors (including mentors who have not yet been matched).
*External participants who are not members of the MentorMe community,
 for an event fee of 15 euros.
Please note that the registration process for the events has changed. Are you a mentee or mentor and have not yet received voucher codes to reduce the event fee to 0?
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(Dienstag) 12:00 - 13:00


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