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13Jun12:00 nachm.1:00 nachm.Exchange & NetworkingCommunity Event: Abroad


Join us for an enriching networking session where we share our uniquestories, ideas, and experiences as expatriates. This open call invites each ofus to actively participate and choose the topics that resonate most. Whetherit’s the challenges we face, the opportunities we’ve found, or simply dailylife in a new country, let’s connect and learn from each other’s journeys. It’sa chance to engage in meaningful conversations and deepen our understanding ofthe diverse lives we lead abroad.

At this event, the following individuals can participate:

*Active mentees and registered mentors (including mentors who have not yet been matched).
*External participants who are not members of the MentorMe community (with an event fee).
Please note that the registration process for the events has been changed. Are you a mentee or mentor and haven’t received any voucher codes yet to waive the event fee? Feel free to contact us at!


(Donnerstag) 12:00 nachm. - 1:00 nachm.


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