Mastering Negotiations with a Smile

10Jan12:00 nachm.1:00 nachm.Mastering Negotiations with a SmileMentorMe Special


We often view negotiating as a problem to be solved or at worst as a nail desperately seeking a hammer. Despite its importance as a professional skill, many of us dislike negotiating because we feel we are not good at it or we believe it is a domain reserved for an elite group of top professional negotiators. Our expert Thomas Doyle encourages his mentees to view Negotiation as the Art of Human Interaction, full of undiscovered and un-smiled Smiles just waiting to be smiled. Negotiating — like Smiling — is a basic human skill, which comes naturally to us all. It has become Thomas’ passion to help mentees rediscover their natural born negotiation skills. He provides a simple 6-point “Smile Framework” based on questions, which they can use on their own at any time to keep their focus on the main dynamics of most negotiations.
Thomas Doyle is an experienced Negotiation Mentor/Coach and Independent Director with over 25 years of international executive and M&A negotiation experience.

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